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Terms & Conditions of Registration

There are rules - they are important and they will be enforced!

For legal compliance, safety and insurance reasons White Hat Rally's events are run by Autonomy Motor Sports Club, a Motorsport UK recognised club. All events are run according to Motorsport UK's Bluebook and all entrants are governed by these rules. An electronic copy of the Bluebook will be made available to entrants. The Terms & Conditions of Registration together with any Terms of Entry and Supplementary Regulations shall be binding on all participants.

For everyone’s safety and enjoyment all teams are required to agree to the event's Terms and Conditions of Registration, Terms of Entry and Supplementary Regulations. By registering for the event you agree to these terms in full, to pay the entry fee within 5 days of registration, and to underwrite the minimum fundraising commitment.

It is important to note that our events are non-competitive with respect to the use of public highways - there are no prizes for being the quickest to complete a journey, or for the fastest vehicle! Legally, and for insurance purposes, our events are classed as Touring Assemblies and Navigational Scatters (or similar). There are challenges and there is a strong competitive element to our events, but this does not take place on the road!

The No Racing rule

This event is categorically not a race and anyone who thinks otherwise will be disqualified from the event! Likewise, any anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. All teams are subject to and must observe the normal rules of the road. Any breach of the Road Traffic Act or Highway Code (e.g. speeding) will result in immediate disqualification.

The No Bumping rule

This event is not a fairground ride. Bumping into or nudging other team's cars, whether driving or parked is strictly prohibited. Unauthorised towing or entry to another teams vehicle is also prohibited. Any such behaviour will result in immediate disqualification. Remember that whilst some vehicles may be old bangers due to be scrapped immediately after the event, other vehicles may be someone's pride and joy!

The Vehicle

Only standard four wheel non-commercial road vehicles are eligible to take part in our events. You must have insurance and road tax to cover the use of the vehicle on a public road. All vehicles must be road worthy at the time of the event and an MOT certificate will be required where appropriate.

If entering in the banger class of entry, the car should cost or have a present value that does not exceed £500. Once you have bought, blagged or otherwise secured your vehicle of choice there is no limit on the amount you can spend to get it through an MOT and improve your chances of making it safely to the finish. Careful scrutineering of all vehicles will take place before they are allowed to start.

Entrance Fee

Each vehicle is considered to be one team. The number of people in the team is largely up to you but you must have a minimum of two, both insured as drivers, and a maximum of five or lower in accordance with permitted legal use restrictions of your vehicle.

Every vehicle entered must pay the entry fee appropriate to the number of participants in the team. Entry fees are non-refundable and must be paid within 5 days of registering. Teams entering on a promotional rate may be charged a supplement for lunch and daytime activities. Additional charges may be made for evening dinners and activities, or where participants are not resident in the event appointed hotels.

All other costs are at your own expense, including accommodation, transport, fuel, insurance, etc.

Unsafe modifications

Factory built convertibles are acceptable but “crop tops” involving the removal of the roof are unsafe and are banned. Any vehicle modifications (including change of colour) must be notified to your insurer and the DVLA, and the vehicle must be road legal.


You must present a valid MOT (where applicable), Insurance (including cover for all drivers), vehicle registration document (or equivalent) and your driving licenses at the start of the event... without these you are not in the event, no exceptions.

Disposing of your Car

If you intend to either sell or dispose of your vehicle rather than drive it home, you must do so in an environmentally sound manner by taking it to a local scrap yard at the finish. We do not condone any illegal dumping at the roadside or leaving your car in a long stay car park.

The rules may change

The organisers reserve the right to change the rules at any time. An up-to-date set of rules will be posted at the start of the event and you must adhere to them. Each member of the team will be required to sign-on at the start of each day to confirm their acceptance of the rules.

Entry, Indemnity and Release

The White Hat Rally events are operated by Autonomy Motor Sports Club Limited and you will be required to complete a more detailed entry form, acknowledge their Terms of Entry, become a member of the club (costs are already included in the joining fee) and agree to an unconditional release and indemnity before you will be allowed to participate in the event.


It is a condition of entry that each team maintains a separate fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving (created via our event link) and that the minimum specified amount is raised for our chosen charity/charities. We will provide a sign-up link that must be used to ensure that we can track your team's progress against the stated target. Please do not create a donation page online by any means other than our official sign-up link. By taking part in the event each team agrees that should it not reach its minimum fundraising target within two months of the event finishing, that it will make good the shortfall to secure the minimum required charity donation. Any such shortfall will be invoiced directly by our chosen charity. Note that stated targets, and calculations of funds raised, exclude GiftAid pledges.

Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Photos

White Hat Rally reserve the right to prevent use of the name "White Hat Rally" and our associated text and logos in any form, including direct promotion and/or other communications where prior consent from White Hat Rally has not been agreed in writing.

If you have fundraising ideas and would like to promote these using any of our detailed content and/or logos, please contact White Hat Rally who will be happy to help.

White Hat Rally reserves the right to use any and all photographs taken during our events, whether taken by an event official, participant or other party. Whilst making photographs generally available, White Hat Rally at all times retains ownership copyright of such photographs and may restrict their use as deemed necessary.

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