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Here you will find the answers to many frequently asked questions. We suggest you have a good read so you understand more about the adventure you are embarking upon! You can also see key facts at a glance.

This FAQ is divided into the following sections:

About registering and getting in touch

When do I need to register?
We encourage you to register as soon as possible to secure your place on the rally, and to give yourselves enough time to obtain sponsors, donations, a car and so on. Entries will be closed at the end of July or earlier if we reach capacity.
Is there a deadline for entry?
Yes, seven (7) weeks before the start of the event at the end of July.
How do I register for the White Hat Rally event?
Go to and follow the “Register” link on the home page. Please read our privacy policy and the terms of entry below before completing your registration. Receipt of your entry fee is required within 5 days to secure your entry.
Are there any terms and conditions I should know about?
Yes, the terms and conditions of entry are available on the website and you have to confirm acceptance on the registration form. There will be entry regulations posted by AMSC nearer to the event which you will need to agree before being allowed to take part. The overriding principle of our conditions is to ensure safety during the event.
Can I speak to someone about the event?
Yes. Please see the Contact Us page for details and give us a call or send us an email with your details and we will call you. You can also click the Contact Us button when available on the left of the page to start a live chat session with one of our advisors.


About the event

Where is the event being held?
The 2016 event is taking place in France. We have a fun theme based around murder mystery with a French twist. 
When is the event?
The event starts on 15th September 2016 from 7pm on board a ferry and finishes in the evening of the 18th September on the evening ferry with prize giving.  Teams must arrive for registration on board the nominated ferry, early on the Thursday evening, and enjoy meeting the other teams over a drink or two as the murder mystery unfolds on board the ship.
Does the event start on Thursday night or Friday morning?
The driving starts on Friday morning however registration, challenges and route clue solving take place on Thursday evening and teams will enjoy social time together on board the ferry before retiring to their cabins ready for the early start on the road when we reach France.
Is there a dress code?
We will provide you with two official event t-shirts that we ask you to wear most of the time, but otherwise you can dress in what you like. The t-shirt are required for ease of identification and insurance purposes. Fancy dress is also encouraged in keeping with the theme of the event. There will be a challenge where points are awarded for dressing up on one of the days, so come prepared! Evening attire is generally casual, but up to you!
Do I have to wear the t-shirt?
Yes, most of the time during the day. It is required to allow us to easily identify who is on the event, for insurance reasons, and to allow entry to the venues hosting various activities so they know who is with our event. It also helps with fundraising along the way, and rewards our Platinum Sponsor for the event by affording them some publicity.
What do I need to bring other than a car and my team members?
You MUST bring the following documents with you otherwise your formal registration will be invalid:
MOT Certificate (where applicable)
Driving Licence (for each driver)
V5 Document (or Vehicle on Hire Certificate VE103 if leased)
Certificate of Motor Insurance (covering all drivers)
An individual passport-style photo of each team member, if not supplied in advance (home made laser prints are fine)
Road Tax proof of purchase
A pen, pencil, rubber and paper will come in useful, and obviously anything else you’d normally take on a short road trip, change of underwear, toothbrush. Don't forget your passport too!
You will also require a free mapping application, loaded on a smart phone with Internet connectivity, to allow our web vehicle mapping to work.
What is vehicle mapping?
We use free software that works with most smart phones to map each team’s progress along the route. This helps us to know where our marshals need to be, whether someone is in trouble, and whether they are running late. It also creates a lot of interest for your family and friends who can see how you are doing!
What is the route?
The 2016 rally starts and finishes on board a cross channel ferry and takes in the sights of northern France. We don't publish the route in advance as that forms part of the weekend's challenge, working out cryptic navigation clues to determine you need to go. We will provide you with details of the overnight hotels so you can make your reservations in plenty of time to secure our discounted rates.
What’s the format of each day?
You will sign on each day over breakfast and be given the route clues for the day. You’ll then have up to about an hour to plot the route on your map before your allotted start time. We plan to have all cars away by about 9:00am. There will be check points along the way, and a lunch stop. Somewhere during the day will be time out of the car completing various challenges and activities. You should be in to the hotel in the early evening with time to relax before dinner.
What time commitments are required?
The event officially runs from the Thursday evening until the Sunday afternoon, additional time will be required to get to the start and back home from the finish of the event. You will also need to commit time to raising at least the minimum required funds for the Charity.
Is this a speed-competition, or otherwise timed event?
The event is not a speed or timed event. The event is run as a Touring Assembly for which there are very clear rules with regards to distances and average speeds. The event follows the rules outlined by the Motor Sport Association in the Bluebook.
What is the Bluebook?
The Motor Sports Association (MSA) publish the “Competitors’ and Officials’ Yearbook” annually that contains the rules mandated for motor sport within the UK. Our event complies with UK legislation and Department of Transport requirements, and is in compliance with the MSA’s Bluebook. An electronic copy of the Bluebook will be made available to each team, they key points are covered in our terms and conditions and the entry regulations issued by AMSC.
Is the event a race?
No. It is important that the event is not considered a race. You must abide by the law and highway code at all times. Safety is of the utmost importance. Any breach of the event rules or the Road Traffic Act (and associated rules and legislation) will result in the immediate disqualification of the team and exclusion from the event.
Is speeding permitted?
No. You must comply with the law at all times. Failure to observe the speed limit will result in disqualification and exclusion from the event. Prior to the event we have had to seek approval to use the roads that comprise the suggested route, this includes liaison with the Police forces in the areas we travel through. It has been known that the Police will arrange speed cameras, and random drink and drugs testing, to coincide with events such as ours… you have been warned.
Are there prizes for finishing first?
There are no prizes for finishing any driving related parts of the event. There are prizes for finishing first in the quizzes, activities, most money raised, etc. There are no prizes for any parts of the event related to driving on public highways.
What are the prizes?
The prizes vary based on what we can source from sponsors, donations, locations en-route etc. For example, a bottle of beer from a brewery visit, a t-shirt, etc. We do not spend a lot of money on prizes as the aim is to give as much to the Charity as possible.
Why is the event in Europe and not the UK?
We are holding the next event in Europe by popular demand and hope to attract more teams and sponsors as a result. We have negotiated special rates to keep the participants' costs down to reasonable level. Overall we hope this results in more money being raised for the Charity which is our primary goal. Your enjoyment of the event is very important to us, and we are sure you will have a lot of fun with us in France!
Why did you pick Europe as the location?
Every year we try to find a location that is both picturesque and offers lots of fun but at the same time is accessible for as many people as possible. Our route through France ticks all of the boxes. If you have a suggestion for next year we would be really happy to hear from you.


About the costs, activities, accommodation and meals

What is the cost of entering and what is covered?
The basic entry fee to the 2016 event is £50 per vehicle and £125 for each team member. Corporate entries attract an additional marketing charge of £450 per team. Entry fees are non-refundable. The entry fees cover AMSC membership, event production costs, permits, third party liability insurance, the organised activities on the event and lunches.
 Team     E n t r y   F e e s    Fundraising
 size    Private     Corporate      Target
   2       300          750           600
   3       425          875           850
   4       550         1000          1100
   5       675         1125          1350
Do teams need to book hotels and pay for their own accommodation?
Yes, teams have to cover the costs of accommodation in our chosen hotels. We have negotiated preferential rates at the hotels used on the event which include breakfast. Participants will receive full information once the team is signed up and has paid their entry fee.
For European events, do teams need to book and pay for their own channel crossing?
Yes, teams have to cover the costs of the return ferry crossing. We have negotiated preferential rates with the ferry operator for specific crossings that will be made available to participants once the team is signed up and has paid their entry fee. A £35 deposit will be added to your entry fee to secure your ferry booking.
What does the entry fee pay for?
The entry fee covers the cost of running the event, MSA fees, AMSC membership, insurance and organised group activities that take place during the daytime on the event. We also provide light refreshments at our scheduled coffee and lunch stops each day.

We do not cover the cost of evening dinner, car parking or other optional evening entertainment.
Do you make a profit?
No. We endeavour to keep entry fees as low as possible and also secure some corporate sponsorship to subsidise the running costs of the event. We try to balance the enjoyment of the event against the costs. Any money we generate (through entry fees, sponsorship and so on) above the running costs is donated to the Charity. White Hat Rally and Autonomy Motor Sports Club Ltd are not-for-profit organisations. Event organisers are all volunteers who give their time free of charge.
How much will the event cost me in total?
In addition to the entry fee, this will very much depend on whether your team members require single rooms rather than doubles or twins at the hotels we stay in. Total costs for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night's bed and breakfast are expected to be £150 per person based on two people sharing a room.  We have tried to keep costs as low as possible by negotiating special rates with hotels, venues and restaurants. Other costs will depend on how much you eat and drink, how you cross the channel and how many miles to the gallon your car manages and so on!
Why do I have to pay to enter and why are there additional costs such as hotels and evening meals?
The cost of putting on the event is not covered by the entrance fee alone and we work tirelessly each year to secure corporate sponsorship to subsidise the cost of entry. There is clearly significant personal benefit and enjoyment derived from taking part so it seems reasonable to make some charge for participation, and as the total cost of the event outweighs the sponsorship revenue it is unfortunately a necessity. Covering the costs of accommodation and evening meals is not financially viable. However, if you know of an organisation that would be willing to sponsor the event at a level that would cover the entire costs of the event please let us know!


About the teams and participants

Can a team be sponsored by individuals, or must it have a company backing it?
Teams can be sponsored by anyone; there is no requirement to have company backing.
Can you explain Corporate vs Standard (Private) team entries?
A team entry will be considered a private entry provided that no entity directly associated with a team member derives any commercial benefit from the team's participation in the event. For example, the car may not carry the logo of a team member's employer. Other companies who are not, and who's employees are not, participating in the event may sponsor a team and have their logos displayed on the team's vehicle in return for sponsorship donations to the team.

A team entry will be deemed corporate if a team member's employer derives benefit from the team's participation in the event. For example, if company XYZ allows an employee to enter the event and brands the car with their company logo or it runs a corporate responsibility media campaign related to its involvement it is deriving clear benefit for which an additional contribution to the team's fundraising target is required.
I am not in IT/Information Security, can I still attend?
Yes, the event is open to everyone aged 18 and over. Although the event was started by the IT Information Security community there are plenty of people from all sorts of other backgrounds that enjoy a fun weekend adventure.
How do I choose my team name?
When you register you enter your team name, this can be changed up until six (6) weeks before the start of the event. Team names must be unique and are allocated on a first come basis. A team name can only be secured by completing registration and paying the entry fee.
Is there a limit on the number of teams in the event?
The event is limited to forty (40) vehicles.
Who is taking part?
The majority of teams that take part are in some way linked to IT or Security but the event is open to anyone (aged 18 and over). We have participants from all sorts of backgrounds, and their families and friends too. The IT/Security related teams include both vendors and customers. It’s a great networking opportunity.
Can we enter more than one car in the event?
Yes, you are welcome to enter multiple cars in the event, whether company sponsored or individual. Each car will be considered a separate team, and the entry fees are payable on a per team and participant basis. Each team will be required to maintain its own donation/giving page to track its progress against its required minimum fundraising target. You should consider whether entering multiple teams will impact your ability to meet the minimum charitable donation required of each team.
Is there a danger of introducing racial stereotypes with the fancy dress category?
Yes there is and we would ask all teams to bear this in mind and not to play unnecessarily to racial stereotypes. Our intention must be to not upset any ethnic groups as this could seriously damage the reputation of White Hat Rally and any sponsors the event carries. We ask you to be sympathetic to this whilst retaining the fun and the spirit of the event. We reserve the right to request that changes be made (e.g. team costume, vehicle appearance) prior to being allowed to take part in the event.
Do I need to be fit to do the challenges?
No!  All the challenges are designed for all types of ability – IT and security professionals are not particularly well known for their athletic abilities!
Can I enter on my own?
No, you must have at least one driver and one navigator in the car at all times while on the event. Ideally at least two members of your team should be insured to drive the vehicle, just in case.
How many people can I have in my team?
A team can have a maximum of five (5) people, or less if the legal limit of your vehicle is lower. All participants must occupy fitted seats that comply with current legislation, insurance and permitted use of the vehicle.
Would one driver be able to cope safely with the distances involved?
Yes, although it would be sensible to have a least two of your team insured to drive the vehicle. The combination of long days, and evening socials can take its toll and sharing the driving (and alternating nights on the beer) would be beneficial. The total planned distance to be covered each day is unlikely to exceed 120 miles, but the nature of the roads and any wrong turns could put the driving time at around 5 hours. We do have enforced breaks and lunch stops to break up the day, and other activities planned.
How many people are taking part?
We are aiming for a maximum of 40 cars and expect there to be approximately 120 participants.


About the car, licence and insurance

What type of car can I enter?
The entry categories are:
1) Vintage (pre-1986)
2) Super Car (expensive and fast)
3) Banger (valued at £500 or less at point of purchase)
4) Themed/Fancy dress (any car you like as long as it’s dressed up to the theme!)
Obviously the most fun, and the ones that gain lots of attention, are those in the fancy dress, there is nothing to stop you dressing up your supercar. Most entries will be in fancy dress and this is what makes the event stand out. What’s more there is a prize awarded for the best dressed car!!
Do I have to decorate my car?
No, provided that it falls within one of the other categories of entry, however most cars will be in fancy dress of one form or another, and this is half the fun of entering. There are numerous opportunities along the route to turn heads and to collect money for our Charity. We would encourage everyone to dress their car up!!
Are there any restrictions around what vehicle I can enter?
Your vehicle must have four (4) wheels, V5, MOT (where applicable), Insurance (for all drivers) and Tax and should fit within the categories (Banger, Classic, Themed, or Super Car).
What cars aren’t allowed?
You can’t use a commercial vehicle or any vehicle that doesn’t have four (4) wheels on the road. A three wheeled car with a fourth wheel as a spare doesn’t count as a four wheeled vehicle! A vehicle with twin rear wheels, having a total of 6 wheels, is similarly not permitted. All vehicles must be road legal and you must hold the documentation noted above.
I have this vehicle (whatever it might be) can I enter it.
Yes, so long as it meets the criteria specified above.
Does the car need to be taxed/MOT'ed to attend?
Yes, the vehicle must be taxed and have a valid MOT where applicable (generally a vehicle under three (3) years old doesn’t require an MOT).
Can I tow a caravan or trailer on the event?
Should I attend in a FWD, RWD or AWD car?
The event route does not require a specialist vehicle or multi wheel drive vehicle. You are welcome to participate in a 4x4, but any standard front or rear wheel drive vehicle will be fine.
Do I need an MSA Racing/Motorsport/Competition Licence?
No. The event is run as a Touring Assembly within MSA (Motor Sports Association) rules and regulations. All participants are required to be members of the club that is running the event (Autonomy Motor Sports Club), the cost of joining AMSC is included within the entry fees.
Do I need racing/rally/motorsport insurance?
No. Normal car insurance cover, for all drivers, is sufficient as the event is classified as a Touring Assembly and not a competitive event for car insurance purposes.
Do I need to get a MSA medical check?
No, but you must be in good health in line with the requirements for a normal UK driving licence.
Do I need to modify the car in any way to participate?
No. The vehicle must be road worthy and any modification must be covered by insurance and comply with DVLA regulations. This includes notifying both your insurance provider and the DVLA if the vehicle colour is changed from that which is stated on the V5.
What happens if we break down?
The event support team will help where possible but we recommend you have breakdown cover. If your vehicle can’t be fixed it is likely that other teams will adopt you, subject to space being available, or you can continue in a hire car. We will try to find another team you can ride with for the remainder of the event where possible.
What do I do if I have to change the team vehicle at the last minute?
Ensure that the new vehicle complies with all the rules and inform the event organisers as soon as possible.
For European events, is a Green Card needed?
No. A green card is no longer necessary within the EU. For convenience it is still possible to obtain one, usually free of charge, and it may help in more rural areas. Contact your insurance company for further details before travelling abroad.
For European events, what special equipment is needed?
Requirements change from time to time and you should check current requirements before travelling abroad. Items such as a UK EU number plate or GB sticker, light modifications and warning triangle are compulsory in many countries. France require a breathalyser to be carried (although at the time of writing no fine exists for failure to do so). Note that radar detectors are illegal in most countries too!  Further guidance is available on the Internet such as that provided by The AA.

About the Charity and fundraising

How much must I raise for charity?
Each team must raise at least the minimum amount specified below for the Charity. This is a condition of entry to the event. Past experience has shown that everyone has been able to reach these targets, and many teams have achieved much more with some teams raising over £6,000! The primary goal of the event is to raise as much money as possible for the Charity to help them in their work with vulnerable children and teenagers.

Number      Private     Corporate
in team     entry       entry
  2           600         600
  3           850         850
  4          1100        1100
  5          1350        1350
These totals represent £100 per team plus £250 per person.
Which charity are we supporting?
Barnardo’s – White Hat Rally selected Barnardo’s as the sole beneficiary of our fundraising activities. White Hat Rally can choose which specific Barnardo’s project(s) the money raised will go to, and these will be selected in line with our stated aims.
How did you choose which charity to support?
White Hat Rally undertook a lengthy evaluation of UK charities and invited those meeting our stated aims to tender. After a consultation process Barnardo’s was chosen as their work with vulnerable children most closely met our requirements, and they were prepared to offer the level of support we need from them for the event itself.
How can I get sponsorship/sponsors? Can you help us with this?
We can offer guidance on fundraising and sponsorship ideas, however each team will need to raise the minimum amount specified for the Charity through its own efforts. We do not contribute directly to team fundraising activities. Many teams secure substantial sponsorship from their employers, suppliers and customers in return for promoting their brand on the team’s car, website, twitter, emails and so on.
Can I sell advertising space on my car?
Yes, this is often the easiest way to raise sponsorship for the team.
Is there a website where people can sponsor me?
Yes. Each team will be required to create a giving page using our nominated provider. Individuals, family and friends can then donate directly to Barnardo’s through your unique giving page, with the total raised by your team being tracked centrally. Each team’s donation page will be linked from the Teams page on our website.
How do I setup my giving page?
Create your team's page by clicking the button below and answer "no" to "did the charity contribute". Let us know the URL to your giving page and we will add it to the teams page.

Can multiple teams share a single giving page?
Where two or three teams are closely connected, for example they are from the same company or family, they may (on request) share a single giving page, however this is very much discouraged as it reduces competition between teams. Be aware that the giving total will be split across such teams on a per-capita basis and so no one team may be eligible to receive recognition of having raised the most funds for charity.
What payment types are accepted and can we claim GiftAid?
Online donations through the giving page can be made using most credit and debit cards, and in some cases PayPal. Some providers also support payments via text messaging. Personal donors can opt in to GiftAid their donation, significantly increasing the money that goes to the Charity at no cost to the donor.
Can we accept Charity Cheques?
Yes. Such cheques must be made payable to Barnardo’s as they can only be cashed by the registered charity and should be forwarded to our event coordinator at Barnardo’s along with details of your team. You should then record the amount raised in your offline giving total on your donation page to reflect the actual fundraising total of the team.
How should our corporate sponsors pay?
Ideally substantial sponsorship monies should not be paid via the team’s giving/donation page, unless GiftAid can be claimed, as transaction fees mean that the Charity receives less money. You can collect and forward these amounts to our event coordinator at Barnardo’s, or request cheques payable to Barnardo’s from your sponsors that can be forwarded. Your sponsor may prefer to pay Barnardo’s directly and again this can be arranged by liaising with the event coordinator at Barnardo’s. You should then record the amount raised in your offline giving total on your donation page to reflect the actual fundraising total of the team.
Can I collect in public places?
It depends on where you want to collect. Supermarkets, shopping centres and train stations are great places to fundraise. You will always have to ask permission from store/station managers first. We can provide you with an authorisation letter to show them you are a member of a White Hat Rally event team.
Where can I get collection tins?
We can arrange for our chosen Charity to provide these. We will have collection tins and buckets available for all teams during the three days of the event.
What happens if I don't reach the minimum fundraising requirement before the event?
You can continue to raise money whilst on the event and for up to two (2) months afterwards.
What happens if we don't manage to raise the minimum fundraising requirement?
If you think you won’t be able to hit your target, please get in touch with us as soon as possible and we’ll help you think of some new fundraising ideas. We are here to help and support you so let us know if you are struggling.
Where will the money that I raise go?
All the money that you raise will go directly to Barnardo’s.


About anything else

How do I get in touch with White Hat Rally?
Our contact details are on the website –