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Countdown to Car Trek

A Science Fiction Adventure in France

12-15 September 2019

With a science fiction theme our Car Trek adventure is heading to North-West France, assembling on Thursday evening 12 September to plot the route and start our voyage. Join us for an adventure to remember!

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We don't tell you where you are going - that's all part of the challenge! You will only know the overnight hotel details in advance. Each evening teams solve clues to draw a route on their map before heading off the following morning on that day's adventure. You can find out more about what to expect by reading our FAQ.

Platinum Sponsor 2018: Hedgehog Security

Sophie Fulton
sophie.fulton at
0161 850 0454

Hedgehog Security was founded in 2009 with the goal of securing the British business community one business at a time.

Hedgehog Security is a CREST registered, Manchester based Penetration Testing and Security Consulting firm. Our goal is to help identify and prevent “cyber” and information security risks and threats, so you can relax and get on with your job. Operating from Spinningfields, in the heart of the commercial district of Manchester, we are able to access the world quickly and efficiently.

Through active penetration testing or through our Continual Cyber Assurance program, we will always strive to bring safety and security to your business. Helping the business owners concentrate on what is important to their core business and taking the worry and concern of Cyber Security away.

One of the core offerings and unique selling points of Hedgehog Security was the original Virtual Chief Information Security Officer service, or vCISO as it came to be known. Peter was the first to bring this service to market and many subsequently followed. Now the vCISO service has itself evolved. Now called CCA or Continual Cyber Assurance, it is a full tailorable solution designed to bring you peace of mind around risk and “cyber” security. Bringing together everything that worked from the vCISO service and combining it with leading penetration testing and security health checks, CCA is the next generation of service to help you stay one step closure to the attackers.