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The 2012 Chariots on Fire Teams

These are the teams and their chosen countries!

#  Team Name                Team Leader         Country
-- ------------------------ ------------------- --------------
01 Keep Calm & Rally On     Chris Batten        Great Britain
04 Linford's Lunchbox       Michael Brown       Jamaica
08 3 Amigos                 Stephen Khan        Mexico
09 Port Out Starboard Home  John Denneny        Monaco
10 D Republic of Company85  Michele Daryanani   DR Congo
11 Dr B's Flaming Torch     Vic Veats           Fiji
12 Port Belles              Laura Payne         Australia
13 Tu lipped Neddylanders   Sue Lowther         Netherlands
14 APT (Ping-Pong Table)    Glenn Ambler        China
16 Peace, Love & Paddington Amanda Finch        Peru
18 Flying Vase              Gary Hawkins        Morocco
19 Stacked Buffalo Overflow Steve Vickers       USA
20 The %41 Team             Piers Wilson        Djibouti
21 GG (Going for Gold)      Kerry Craven        Germany
22 Pseudo Cybermen          Ian Danter          Luxembourg
23 Null Points              Paul Vlissidis      France
24 Signed? Un-signed? Sput' Matt Trueman        Russia
25 Viking RAIDers           Phil Grayson        Norway
26 The PRPR Fusca Nuts      Marc Callaway       Brazil
M1 The Irish Fencing Team   Jeremy & Martin     Ireland
M2 Greece Our Palms         Jonathan & Angie    Greece
M3 Gloria & Melvin          Harry & Lindsey     Madagascar
M4 The Irish Fencing Team   Dave & Co (M1)      Ireland
-- ------------------------ ------------------- --------------