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The men in white hats

White hats; the good guys,
They are the folks that really care,
On a rally, all for charity,
Raising finance with natural flair.

All are dare devils; true thrill seekers,
To them skid pads provide no fear,
They will drive the oddest vehicles,
A strange experience they will share.

Who would think that Geeks could do this?
The men and women who by day,
Keep the black hats from your data
So that you all may safely play.

The real winners are the children,
Barnardo's gets to keep the cash.
As the chariots burn out their message
Wheels of fire make one last dash.

So if you see them, give them money,
As they drive through middle earth,
Watched by Brummie Orcs and Goblins
Faces filled with joy and mirth.

- Dave Brooks