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Knight Riders - 2017 Awards

Our extreme challenge event is over for another year and our survivors are now recovering at their desks and highly deserving of your continued support and donations for Barnardo's. With many first timers joining the event I don't think they anticipated the physical and mental exhaustion they would endure, but all survived to tell the tale and had a huge amount of fun along the way!

At the close of the event on Sunday afternoon, after all scores and votes were in, photos checked and final judges points awarded the following awards were presented by, or on behalf of, our sponsors to the winning teams and individuals who gave it 110% throughout!  Very well done to you all!!

Winners: Knight Riders of the Round Table

This year the Winners' slot was highly contested with very few points separating the four runners up, requiring multiple recounts and careful verification of the photos taken en-route. Congratulations go to our winners - Knight Riders of the Round Table (Digital Shadows) - who demonstrated excellent attention to detail, and literally went the extra mile for some impressive photos and videos!

S5 - Knight Riders of the Round Table
Presented by Hedgehog
Runners Up
S4 - The kNight Owls
Presented by Titania
Third Place
12 - The Knights of Seculock Presented by Progress
Most Money Raised
S6 - The Jedi Knights!
Presented by 4Secure
Best Dressed Car
8 - Trojan Rabbit
Best Dressed Team
5 - 84 Knights and a Damsel
Best Rally Performance
12 - The Knights of Seculock
Greatest Rally Endurance
2 - Knights of the Sky
Wooden Spoon Blunder
6 - Knights in White Hat in
Most Flamboyant Exhibitionist!
Matthew Quinn
Presented by Digital Shadows
Best Newcomers
14 - Orangeade

The highest team fundraising total on the day was from Progress Distribution, achieving almost £3,000 - over double their target! A number of other teams are fast approaching twice their target and a mention also to team 6 who passed their target in record time this year. Keep up the good work and we could top £50,000 again this year which would be amazing!!

We must also give a special mention to the guys from Euroclear (teams 1 and 10) who have this week successfully secured over £16,000 from their employer, a huge CSR contribution to our event in support of Barnardo's!  Our thanks to them and Euroclear for getting us closer to our £50k target.

Leading the pack of decorated vehicles, Trojan Rabbit took the title for best dressed car, although this might better be named "constructors championship" given the scale and special FX! Well done to those teams that expended a great amount of effort to dress your vehicles, we look forward to seeing what you come up with next year.

Similarly, hats off to Piers (6) for staying in heavy chain all weekend and for even finding an opportunity to blend in with his surroundings!  I'm sure the metal poisoning will wear off soon!

We should also mention team 6 for their very detailed photo blog of the entire event challenges, and for the entertainment provided during the Trebuchet competition - not one egg fired, but all three team mates had eggs firmly cracked on their heads! Eggcellent  comedy moment!

Once again additional points were accrued by our Knights gallantly assisting a bride at her wedding, featuring prominently in a number of photographs, and Matt Quinn took a late plunge into the sea on the last morning despite the strong wind and waves.

While we all suffered from sleep deprivation, mental fatigue and physical exhaustion, we should mention team 12 who once again endured a 23 hour journey to reach the start having travelled all the way from Krakow, Poland! Keep an eye out for their video of their knights running the length of London Drove also on the first morning of the rally to avoid the car bottoming out!

Please remember to upload your photos and videos, details of our shared Google album are in the rally information pack. We've put a few up here to give a flavour, but the rest will follow in the official album. There are also many on the WordPress blog if you haven't been watching.

We are very much looking forward to all the photos and videos from the extreme obstacle course, Marc (5) certainly made a splash, as did his costume on Friday.  Sophie (5) and Lisa (S5)  also gave John a run for his money on the water slide deploying a pre-slide brush-down technique, and full marks to Mrs B (10) for social engineering skills that left a dashing, but disappointed, staff member in his boxers on the water slide! ... "Vegas" rule applied ;)

Finally a special mention to two first time crews, 2 (MG Midget) and 14 (Land Rover), who got to grips with the cryptic route clues and put in a strong performance on the challenges too. Have you tried folding an OS map in a Midget while the top is up and it's raining?!  Top effort guys!!

Thanks to everyone that took part, our sponsors and those that have already donated - we are fast approaching £40,000 raised, and with your help we could surpass the £50k marker!!

Keep up the good work and let’s make this a year to remember.