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Way Out West - 2015 Awards

All the teams made a fantastic effort over the three very long days of this extremely challenging rally, and most survived to tell their story!  At the close of the event, after all scores and votes were in, we presented the following awards on behalf of our sponsors to the winning teams and individuals who gave it 110% throughout!  Very well done to you all!!

This year the Winners' slot was highly contested with very few points separating the top five entries, requiring multiple recounts and careful verification of the photos taken en-route. Congratulations to Company 85, demonstrating amazing attention to detail and coming out on top.


16 - The Magnificent 85
Runners Up

5 - Tombstone II
Third Place

22 - Wet Hens
Most Money Raised

9 - Buffy's in the Wigwam
14 - The Wild Bunch
Best Dressed Car

18 - The Bandits
Best Dressed Team

2 - Ben Cassidy & Sundance NIDS
Best Rally Performance

12 - Gawd Damn RFC1149
Greatest Rally Endurance

19 - Wild, Wild East
Wooden Spoon Blunder

Piers (Mex') Wilson
Most Flamboyant Exhibitionist!

Jon Littlefair
Best Newcomers

7 - True Grit

The highest team fundraising total on the day was from Buffy's in the Wigwam, however the highest individual team contribution to fundraising was made by The Wild Bunch (of Hackers) who achieved nearly three times their target in addition to being a corporate sponsor of the rally.

We must also give a special mention to the three Euroclear teams (6, 8 and 10) who not only collectively raised over £5,400 but who in addition secured event sponsors and teams, and during the last six months supported several fundraising efforts and conferences pulling in nearly £15,000 putting us on track for our highest ever total for Barnardo's!

There were many excellent decorated vehicles and The Bandits stole the title for best dressed car with their special FX. Well done to all those teams that expended a great amount of effort to dress their vehicles, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with next year.

Similarly, hats off to Ben Cassidy and Sundance NIDS for staying in costume for the entire weekend, complete with horses and sound FX! Also an impressive commitment from them and several others who grew facial hair especially for the event! Keep those photo's coming...

Gawd Damn RFC1149 put in an impressive performance at Portmeirion, completing the treasure hunt almost in it's entirety with only a few points dropped. At the same time, Piers Wilson picked up the Wooden Spoon award for blundering into a wedding while dressed as a Mexican! Later in the day, Jon Littlefair took the plunge with a late swim in the bay off Llandudno!!

While we all suffered from sleep deprivation, mental fatigue and physical exhaustion, we should mention Wild, Wild East who endured four more days than the rest of the teams, travelling all the way from Krakow, Poland! Clear winners of the rally endurance title this year.

Finally a special mention to True Grit who as first time ralliers put in an amazing performance overall. They mastered the cryptic route clues, followed the route well completing the majority of challenges, and all in a full complement of Woody costumes. Sadly they suffered a vehicle failure on the last afternoon and didn't finish, otherwise they would have been contending in the top three.

Thanks to everyone that took part, our sponsors and those that have donated - we are fast approaching £40,000 raised, and with your help for the first time we may surpass the £50k marker!!

Keep up the good work and let’s make this a year to remember.