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The 2013 Pieces of V8 Teams

We've an impressive team line-up for this year's rally, Pieces of V8 - going to be quite a spectacle with everyone dressed as pirates and smugglers. Exeter, prepare to be boarded!

 # Team Name                    Team Leader         Category
-- ---------------------------- ------------------- ----------
 1 Sumo-Le Pirates              Stephanie Round     Decorated*
 2 Davy Jones' Keylogger        Jonathan Runnalls   Decorated 
 3 Lock, Stock & Two Smokin' Ps Simon Harris        Decorated 
 4 85 Men on a Dead Man's Chest Michele Daryanani   Decorated 
 5 The curse of NUKSG           Michael Brown       Banger    
 6 Pirates About                Alex Ayers          Banger*   
 7 Pirates of Malware           Stephen Khan        Banger    
 8 Barnardo's Barmy Bucaaneers  Charlotte Jones     Banger    
 9 Captain Pigwash              Andy Cuff           Supercar  
10 The DeVViouS Buccaneers      Zoe Cunningham      Banger    
11 Carpe Noctem                 Howard Staple       Banger*   
12 Budgie Smugglers             Harry Bains         Banger    
13 Pirates of Integralis        Dan Nolan           Vintage   
14 2600 Leagues Under The Sea   Glenn Ambler        Decorated 
15 Ahoy! Pirates A Cumin'       Gemma Paterson      Banger*   
16 Three Sheets to the Wind     Dean Noble          Vintage   
17 Security Challenger Temps    Steph Aldridge      Banger*   
18 Smugglers Rest               John Mundell        Decorated*
19 Silent Smugglers             John Mundell        Decorated*
20 The Very Annoyed Pirates     Mark Sowerby        Banger    
21 Pirates of Pentest           John Denneny        Vintage   
22 Roving Muppets               Nick Hayes          Decorated 
23 Performance Pirates          Ian Molyneaux       Supercar* 
24 The Flying Dutchman          Mark Harison        Supercar  
M1 Nervous Wrex                 Martin & Jeremy     Galleon   
M2 Scurvy Dogs of Stockport     Sean                Galleon   
M3 Frederica!                   Harry               Galleon   
-- ---------------------------- ------------------- ----------
* Team didn't make the start line!