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Who takes part?

Anyone and everyone! We have teams from end user organisations, vendors and groups of friends. Some are seriously into their cars but most are just looking for fun and adventure! Although there is a bias towards IT and Information Security due to our roots, we have participants from all walks of life and this diversity increases each year with more colleagues, family and friends being introduced as word spreads.

Are you in business?
This is the best business networking event you will attend this year! Imagine spending 3 days with other business leaders building lasting relationships as you endure the challenges of the event.  Based on past experience we know that you will meet business owners, senior professionals, and many talented individuals and get some great networking!

Are you a 'petrol head'?
Then, we need you! Sign up now. A lot of teams will have no mechanical knowledge, they just want to have an adventure, a lot of fun and to raise some money for charity. Your skills could come in useful, but we want to see how you've pimped your ride! Many of our entrants are very proud of their cars, you'll have a lot of interest in their creations!

Are you after a fun weekend?
If you simply want to do something a bit different and to have a lot of fun with some great people, then your should sign up now! This event is open to anyone (18 and over) who enjoys life. You'll meet some great people, see some interesting and beautiful places, have many laughs, good food and of course beer!

Sign up now!