Our 2014 "Amsterdammed" rally is live in Europe!!

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From the north east corner of France, through Belgium and up through the Netherlands, we visited Amsterdam, Bruges, Ghent and other fine cities over the long weekend 19 - 21 September 2014. It was very challenging, both mentally and physically, but we certainly had a lot of fun. See our adventure on Twitter and our blog. Support our teams and help us raise much needed funds to enable Barnardo's in their work with vulnerable children. Make a donation online or by text!

The adventure's begun...
Hiding in Amsterdam’s canal system lurks an unseen evil, ready to pounce on the vulnerable and lure them into a dark underworld. White Hat Rally teams must join with Barnardo’s in order to fight to protect vulnerable children and prevent this evil rising from the depths.

Throughout the decades, many have sought to destroy the evil and terrible creatures that lurk in Amsterdam’s Canal System, all have failed; do you have what it takes to defeat the creatures?

Amsterdammed: The Rise of the Dark Net

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Not sure if it's for you?  It is!
You don't need a special vehicle or advanced driving skills, just a sense of humour and an adventurous spirit to endure the weekend and enjoy the fun!

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